January's Story of Courage
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Meet Maddie- She is our January HOPE recipient.

Madison was 4 months old when she was dx with a rare form of brain cancer called Choroid Plexus Carcinoma. She underwent tumor removal and shunt placement along with 11 cycles of chemo all in 2011. She went into remission in October 2011. But unfortunately this past August we got the news that she had two new tumors on her brain. She then went in and had a port placed and immediately began outpatient chemo for 3 months but it wasn't working the tumors were growing .
So in December we began treatment that requires her to get chemo every two weeks that requires us to stay 5 days inpatient. We have done 3 rounds and she does not tolerate it well at all. She is going in on Tuesday for round 4. Maddie is 2 years old and she just loves life , she is a very strong lil girl and she is a fighter!!

A very big THANK YOU to Melissa Cole for sponsoring our January HOPE recipient!
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Maddie, our January HOPE recipient.Maddie, our January HOPE recipient.Maddie, our January HOPE recipient.Maddie, our January HOPE recipient.Maddie, our January HOPE recipient.Maddie, our January HOPE recipient.
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